Text Services

One of the most popular services offered by Karina is text-oriented value-added services. MCCI (Hamrah-e- Aval) and MTN-Irancell subscribers can receive their needed information at any time and any place. This information include territories such as sanitation, personal and family health, corporation services, educational, news, religion and philosophy, business and market, automobiles, games and entertainment, and sports.

News agencies:

One of the chief activities of Karina is delivering text-oriented services for different news agencies. Once subscribed to any of these news services, you will receive domestic and international headlines from your favorite news agency.


Cooperating with Radio Salamat, Iran’s leading health radio program.

Text services for universities:

We provide university students with information regarding their exam dates and registration, classes, and financial issues via text messages.

Corporation services:

In line with Karina’s long-term goals, we have attempted to provide intramural and extramural services for public and private organizations and bodies. Through such services, we have optimized time and money, and facilitated news feeding and other services for the above-mentioned corporations.

Islamic Azad University community of graduates:

Employment opportunities are presented to Azad University graduates. As well as that, we provide