Value-added Corporation Services

Among Karina’s value-added services, we can point to the intramural and extramural services. Karina is also attempting to make these services exclusive to domestic organizations in line with the aims of Dolat-e Electronic. The organizations can use these services in order to best serve their purpose of public notification.

Karina is currently delivering a variety of solutions for carriers, public and tutorial institutions, and business firms. We also deliver services to content providers as well as advertisement and commercial companies.

With their goals and needs in mind, organizations employ Karina’s services such as value-added text message, mobile websites, and a number of other services.

Consultation with Karina can assist companies and organizations in delivering their exclusive products and services.

While remaining distinguished, Karina has made unstinting efforts to deliver creative products and help flourishing the market. Through signing outstanding contracts with highly esteemed companies and corporations in diverse territories, Karina has always tried to offer mobile services at its best.