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As a company that offers value-added mobile services, Karina Mobile Solutions Corporation is very active in the areas mentioned below, delivering a wide spectrum of services that meets different tastes and interests.

Value-added services include:
Portable finance including:
Mobile payment services
Mobile bank
Mobile advertisement

Location-based services include:

Public safety services (for example: notification on the location of the injured in time of an earthquake)

Traffic management notification services (for example: receiving information on the closest restaurants), entertainment and social services (for example: notification on friends’ location and playing games based on location)

Electronic services including bill payment, request for passport renewal, purchasing transport tickets via text-messaging service, finding parking space, tutorial services, voting and public poll services, personal health services etc.

Content services including gaming, mobile TV, audio and video download, school and university tutorials for students, notification services such as news, shopping, weather, sports, entertainment etc.

In order to receive further information and becoming more familiar with Karina’s value-added services, you can visit the following websites:

پردیس موبایل pardis.mobi (for Hamrah-e Avval subscribers)

vitrin vitrin.mobi (for Irancell subscribers)

Mobile Solutions

One of our chief concerns has always been on providing solutions for mobile users regardless of time and place. We have provided the services below:

Mobile Apps


Ritmo is Iranian online music streaming platform. We launched it with the aim of providing full access to a comprehensive archive of Iranian and foreign music. The subscribers are able to listen to their favorite music, purchase, and download them.

اپلیکیشن ریتمو

Hamkhoon Yar

Hamkhoonyar connects blood donor to those who need rare blood types in crisis situations. Karina created Hamkhoonyar in partnership with Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization and Hamrah-e Aval, based on 3 …

Mobile Payment

Karina Mobile Solutions has taken positive steps towards expediting and facilitating mobile payment methods via providing services such as paying regardless of time or place.


Karina has provided numerous services, so that the pay-as-you-go subscribers can easily and swiftly purchase credit.

Cooperating With Karina


Karina Mobile Solutions constantly seeks to employ experts and specialists.

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Karina Mobile Solutions invites all the visionaries in territories

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