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Mobile Service Provider (mSP) - An organization (or company) that provides any combination of consulting, software and computer systems for mobile e-commerce platforms, mobile devices (cellular phones, smartphones), mobile commerce, mobile content or mobile web sites.
MSPs supply businesses with the tools and services they need to distribute and sell products and services over both the Internet and Mobile Internet and manage their online enterprises. Specifically, these firms specialize in all aspects of mobile commerce, including for all digital goods (games, video, ringtones, wallpapers and applications) that are downloaded to mobile devices.
Karina Mobile Solutions Company as a mSP was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing value- added services on the mobile network Karina provides a variety of special and customized solutions for mobile operators, educational, business institutions.
Also Karina provides mobile contents for different industries like communication and IT industries we try to develop aggregate and distribute contents constantly.

  • Content Providing and Mobile Value- Added Services
  • Mobile Airtime
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Business solution
  • Mobile applications and gaming



Karina provides Competition Game which is one of successful and innovative services in Iran. This gaming platform use and select question database and allocate prize to target winner. Competition Game as an entertainment could deliver fun to operator subscribers and test their general knowledge ability with motivation of game prize.
It is very much beneficial for the children and youngster to increase their general knowledge and information about the current affairs.
www.mobazi.ir is one of the most popular Social Network Game which customers can play interactive games and win remarkable prizes.

Mobile Value Added Services

Karina collects and provides news and other information services to target customers. We provide attractive services through IVR/SMS to ensure latest event would be captured on Alerts and deliver to the User. More than 55,000,000 subscribers in the biggest mobile operators in Iran could use Karina VAS services and other solutions.

Mobile Applications

Popularity of mobile applications continues to rise, as their usage become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users. Karina develops a mobile application with brand name of Pishkhan Avval, this application design and provide for Hamrah Avval (1st mobile operator of Iran) by Karina in first time in this country.

Content providing

Karina provides a SMS based news system (SAPAK) which enables news providers to manage information packages through their dedicated panel. all information could collect and distribute from most popular newspaper and news agencies to 2 Iran operators with potential market of 80 million subscribers.

Ring Back Tones (RBT)

There is some collection of RBT available delivered to operator by Karina exclusively. There's a wide selection of music across several categories. Users can see different variety of RBT based on their interest before they download to their mobile.
Karina updates its RBT regularly so that telecom operators can instantly provide latest content to their users. We have more than 3000 RBT available to customers.

Mobile Airtime

One of the most popular Karina’s web based services is Auto charge. In this web site, users can buy airtime top up online and charge their prepaid mobile instantly.

SMS Gateway Delivery

Sending SMS is one of the best ways to connect customers directly, so Karina allocate a SMS short number for organization to send their content and news to their target customers.
Cultural and educational institutes and other organization use Karina’s SMS number to offer their services.
Furthermore it is possible to specify customers according to their job, region and gender to send promotional SMS.

Other solutions include

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